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Many couples hit it off on the first date, and they continue to see each other until they form a relationship. Unfortunately, some people cannot get through drinks when they meet for their first date. These people are incompatible, but that does not necessarily mean they have nothing in common. It may be that neither of them is really interested in meeting someone new, or they may simply have issues with the other person.

One of the major issues when meeting a new person is their personal habits, and these include items such as how they eat or drink, or cracking their knuckles. These are habits that have developed over a lifetime, and many people see no need to break them. A person who has been raised with strict table manners will not appreciate someone who has few or none, and this can cause them to be annoyed with the other person. The inverse is true, and they may think the person they are having dinner with is too fussy about arbitrary rules. In any case, this particular couple would be completely incompatible and should avoid another date.