Dressing Up or Down

The awkwardness of dating is often due to the fact that people are not quite sure what to expect, so it is important to keep the lines of communication as open as possible. When inviting someone out, it can be very important to let them know the destination. They will want to ensure they are ready for their date, and giving them the opportunity of dressing up or down is part of what they will need to be prepared.

Getting ready for a casual date is much different than a more formal occasion, and there are a variety of choices even within that category. If the date is on a weekend afternoon, picnicking, rafting down a local river or even playing sports together could be the focus of the date. A person would dress a bit differently for each of these venues, so failure to inform them of the activities could ensure they are improperly dressed. It could turn a prospective date from a success to a failure before it even begins.

Going out in the evening for a date is generally a fun time, and there are many different places to go. Dinner and a movie dates are fairly common, and the type of attire is often based on the restaurant. For those who prefer a bit more formal evening, dinner could be included when going to see a live theater performance or opera. This would generally be considered a much more dressy occasion, so letting a date know the entertainment for the evening is a must.

Ensuring that a date will feel as comfortable as possible is important for its success, so giving the person details go far in this area. If they are dressed correctly, they can concentrate on getting to know their date, enjoying the entertainment and even considering a repeat date during the next week.